Everything that is done in the world is done by hope.

The Fibromite is a web site designed, by Fibromites for Fibromites, to provide Information about FMS and related conditions. To offer Inspiration to victims of Fibromyalgia to take control of their life and to provide Insight and encouragement in all of a Fibromites endeavors.

Information – Finding reliable information about FMS and its related conditions is almost as problematic as living with Fibromyalgia. Easy to read Information, provided through a simple to navigate web site, through newsletters and emailing.

Inspiration – Pain and Fatigue keep almost 10 million sufferers of Fibromyalgia from accomplishing basic daily tasks. Tips, ideas, products and links to other resources that will assist in attaining a satisfactory level of personal comfort physically, emotionally monetarily and spiritually.

Insight – Open discussions forums, referrals to established support groups, resource availability and a place to link to fellow Fibromites home based business ventures.